What are the benefits of using ICF?

Text Box: High Insulation Value
Energy savings are built into every ICF system. Four to five inches ASTM  578 Polystyrene foam insulation on each side of the concrete give R-values in 30+ range compared with the industry standard of 
R-17. The energy savings are substantial!  

Sound-Proof Benefit
New ICF home owners remark how unbelievable quiet their new hous is, compared with their stick built home. They expect the new-found comfort and energy efficiency, but the peace and quiet– the protection from outside noise-never fails to surprise and delight them.

Text Box: Stronger Construction
The high-mass walls of an ICF home not only give it remarkably solid feel, but they also make it safer for the family.  And make it a remarkably solid and secure investment, too. Concrete homes have a proven track record of withstanding the ravages of hurricanes, tornadoes and fires, when all the stick-built house around them are in ruins.

Higher Fire Rating  
In fire wall tests, ICFs stood exposure to intense flame without structural failure longer than did common frame walls.  The Polystyrene foam use in most ICF forms is treated so it will not support  combustion. Also, tests show that its tendency to transmit an outside flame source is less than that of most wood products. And, many insurance carriers are now offering a discount on a home owner’s policy for an ICF home

Text Box: Solid, Lasting Security
Did you know that many homes are broken into through the framed wall separating the garage from the home? This popular home invasion method which will bypass window and door alarms is impossible against the formidable ICF wall system.

Healthier Home
ICF homes provide a healthy indoor environment.  Nothing held within or ordinarily emitted by an ICF wall is toxic.  The measurement of air contents of actual ICF houses shows an almost complete absence of any emission. And polystyrene is not susceptible to mold or fungus a growing concern in homes today.

Text Box: Environmentally friendlier
Building with ICF’s is healthier for the environment in a number of ways,- minimizing the number of different building products involved in construction,- by reducing the amount of waste generated on the construction site,- by lowering energy requirements, - and the will save from 30-50 trees per house, and finally almost all of the product is recyclable or is from recycled products..

Less Repair & Maintenance 
ICF homes are termite proof, since the exterior walls are concrete the termites have no access to the traditional wood components of the house. Concrete can be exposed to the elements for centuries with few ill effects.  Reinforcing steel buried deep inside and protected by concrete’s alkalinity make it virtually rust-proof. And you will never have rot with concrete.

More Finished Living Area
Basements built to minimum standards often lie unfinished for years-paid for but unused.  The basement of an ICF home becomes finished living space at the time you build your home. ICF basements provide better leak protection than traditionally formed because the conrete is moist cured, steel reinforced, fully waterproofed and cushioned from frost by the exterior panel of expanded polystyrene.  The ICF basement will provide comfortable and enjoyable living space compared to that normally afforded by traditional basements, which are often damp and Text Box: 	The unique application has only began to move over into the housing market because construction prices and specifically the price of wood have made it economically feasible. This should make it possible for home building contractors to build a house close to the same price that the house can be built with traditional building products. However, traditional home builders instead of passing these great building attributes to the home buyers are merely pocketing the extra profit.
	Over the past ten years, concrete prices have been remarkably stable. Recent price increases in other materials have generated interest in concrete building systems as never before. Labor Savings are readily available, materials make ICF’s feature for feature, one of the most competitive wall systems in the U.S. or Canada.
Text Box: Cost competitive